19 April 2016


finn engineering

Finn BV has its own engineering department and offers the customer the possibility of a complete engineering solution, from precision engineering, manufacturing, sub-assembly to complete assembly. Finn BV is using the latest technologies in the field of CAD / CAM, CNC machining, finishing and measuring.

finn engineering

pijl-3   Own engineering department
pijl-3   Complete solution
pijl-3   Precision engineering
pijl-3   3D CAD/CAM

pijl-3   Product design
pijl-3   Solidworks
pijl-3   3D drawing
pijl-3   Solids

pijl-3   Simulations
pijl-3   FEMM strength calculation
pijl-3   Flow calculation
pijl-3   Mechatronics


For the design and engineering of a machine or product Finn BV uses 3D CAD software. CAD stands for “computer-aided drafting” and has subsequently evolved into “computer-aided design.” Loosely translated it means “drawing or designing using the computer”.

Using CAD software ideas for a product are transformed into a specific design in 3D. In addition to developing the ideas in a 3D drawing, textures can be added at this stage of the design in order to obtain a realistic impression of the final product. Also, digital calculations and tests can be performed on the product in order to gain insight in it’s strength and performance. The completed digital drawing is called a “solid”.

To actual machine a product, the CNC machine in the factory needs a digital program. On the basis of the “solid” drawing a digital program with instructions for the machine is generated.

finn engineering

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