12 April 2016



Finn BV has an extensive and high-tech machinery to meet the customers requirements. Finn BV has even the ability for 5-axis simultaneous milling. In addition to machining on CNC lathes and milling machines Finn BV is also specialized in CNC cutting, CNC measuring and CNC engraving. Tool preset is also based on CNC technology. But there is more. Finn BV is specialized in using different welding techniques such as TIG, orbital, autogenous and soldering. Also, products made by Finn BV can be tumbled and/or cleaned ultrasonically.

overview machines

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hermle c40 rs60 robot mazak fjv 25 mazak vtc 200 c II mazak verticle centre nexus 410 a deckel fp 2
mep shark 320 mep ph 211 thiel sybrandy mitutoyo crysta-apex c
ogp zip 300 tesa micro hite 600 zeiss stemi dv 4 mantis vision mitutoyo surftest 301
cajon welding system fronius transtig 1750 puls autogeen lassen solderen zoller venturion 500 tool+ software
toolfix vdv 6040 kuhlmann kromas finnsonic m08
bandelin sonorex super 10 instapacker tabletop bimak 18 ca