26 January 2017

RP Strike vehicles & accessories

RP Advanced Mobile Systems

Meet the dynamic and compact RP Strike vehicles from RP Advanced Mobile Systems (RPAMS). Thanks to its size and excellent flexibility, these buggies are suitable for the most diverse tasks and challenges. Sand, stone, gravel, mud, snow and steep slopes, no terrain is too ambitious for this dynamic and powerful vehicle. Available in both 2-seater and 4-seater, including the possibility of attaching an extension with two additional wheels (and thus extra lentgh and space), the RP Strike vehicles are suitable to all tastes and requirements. The RP Strike-C, RP Strike-M, RP Strike-X and RP Strike-Defender vehicles are suitable for reconnaissance, security, defense, fire deparment, ambulance and police purposes in difficult terrain where flexibility and speed are required. For leisure purposes as hunting (various additional racks and holders) and off-roading, RP Strike vehicles are also a perfect solution.

rp strike-c ambulance

rp strike 4x4 solutions

In addition to an extensive fleet of vehicles, the RP Strike vehicles have an impressive option list. Several run-flat tire types with different profiles ensure that the vehicle will continue to move forward under even the most difficult conditions. Different types of shock absorbers provide different levels of comfort and capacity. Tracks, light bars, winches, stretchers, water extinguishers and various storage systems are also among the possibilities. There is also a wide range of different wheels, colors and camouflage prints available.

rp strike c ambulance buggy

paint print camouflage

rp strike tire tyre

RP Strike vehicles are equipped with specific (for example run-flat) tires for every type of job, weather and landscape. RP SOF Series Tires are specifically designed and engineered for heavier payloads, wheel protection and survivability. RP SOF Spartan Tires are the perfect tire for hunters, ranchers, government agencies, oil fields, pipeline and power line companies around the world. RP Delta FX Tires are engineered for current high horsepower vehicles such as the Can Am Maverick and Commander. The innovative staggered low profile paddle and centralized blade design allows for high flotation and movement on hard pack surfaces with exceptional sand traction while minimizing blade wear. The tires have varying dimensions, like 26, 27, 29 and 30 inches. The Apache 360 LT Track System is designed for better traction on snow and other terrains.

rp strike-x
pijl-3   2-persons
pijl-3   Power: 900 cc, 154 hp.
pijl-3   Dry weight: 1790-1990 lb.
pijl-3   Dimensions (LxWxH): 131x64x66 in. / 132x72x67 in.
pijl-3   Wheelbase: 102 in.
pijl-3   Ground clearance: 14 in. / 15 in.
pijl-3   Fuel capacity: 10.5 gal.
pijl-3   Payload capacity: 1500 lb.
pijl-3   Rear bed capacity: 1000 lb.
pijl-3   Towing capacity: 1500 lb.
pijl-3   Optional front rack: 250 lb.

rp strike-m
pijl-3   2-persons / 4-persons (M4)
pijl-3   Power: 976 cc, 101 hp.
pijl-3   Dry weight: 1700-1950 lb.
pijl-3   Dim. (LxWxH): 129x64x74.2 in. / 159x64x78 in. (M4)
pijl-3   Wheelbase: 84.3 in. / 113.8 in.
pijl-3   Ground clearance: 13 in. / 12.5 in.
pijl-3   Fuel capacity: 10 gal.
pijl-3   Payload capacity: 1500 / 2000 lb.
pijl-3   Rear bed capacity: 1000 lb.
pijl-3   Towing capacity: 1500 lb.
pijl-3   Optional front rack: 250 lb.

rp strike-c
pijl-3   2-persons / 4-persons (C4)
pijl-3   Power: 976 cc, 85 hp.
pijl-3   Dry weight: 1700-1950 lb.
pijl-3   Dimensions (LxWxH): 123x60x72 in. / 152x60x76 in. (C4)
pijl-3   Wheelbase: 75.8 in. / 106.1 in.
pijl-3   Ground clearance: 11 in.
pijl-3   Fuel capacity: 10 gal.
pijl-3   Payload capacity: 1500 / 2000 lb.
pijl-3   Rear bed capacity: 600 / 1000 lb.
pijl-3   Towing capacity: 1500 lb.
pijl-3   Optional front rack: 250 lb.

rp strike-defender
pijl-3   2-persons
pijl-3   Power: 976 cc, 72 hp.
pijl-3   Dry weight: 1414 lb. (estimated).
pijl-3   Dimensions (LxWxH): 120x62x76 in.
pijl-3   Wheelbase: 83 in.
pijl-3   Ground clearance:: 11 in.
pijl-3   Fuel capacity: 10.6 gal.
pijl-3   Payload capacity: 1500 lb.
pijl-3   Rear box capacity: 1000 lb.
pijl-3   Towing capacity: 2000 lb.
pijl-3   Optional front rack: 250 lb.

rp strike accessories

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